The NGW List is a mailing list, created and maintained by GroupWise enthusiasts. This list is not run by Novell, however some Novell personnel do subscribe to the list and will occasionally be seen responding to messages.

The NGW (Novell GroupWise) mailing list has been around since before 1995, when Trevor Harrison started administering it. It was originally being hosted on a machine at BYU when Trevor took over, and then was moved to a machine hosted at UVSC. After being at UVSC for a while, it was moved to teltrust.com / dotOne Corp, before moving in the spring of 2000 to where it is now, ngwlist.com

The list is provided so that administrators of GroupWise systems can support each other. We also use the list as a chance to keep our own Unix sysadmin skills sharp while maintaining the list.

There are currently about entities subscribed to the list.

After we take over the world, and drive all Exchange system administrators into hiding, we will then be able to declare a worldwide (mandatory) holiday to honor GroupWise administrators.

Latest News
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