Top ten ways to get banned from the list

(in order of most commonly encountered offenses)
  • SPAM. And I'm not talking about the automated crap flood stuff... that gets stopped by the list because the sender isn't subscribed. I'm talking about a subscriber sending an unsolicited message to pimp a service or product. Especially egregious is when the vendor just happened to subscribe to the list the week before. You know who you are.
    • Vendors / providers replying to a relevant message with a *short* message and pointer to their product is fine.
  • Anti-social behaviour: swearing, off-topic arguments, trolling. (not that we've really had this happen, fingers crossed)
  • Causing smtp blockages: if your smtp server is b0rked in the head, and is causing problems for the list, your email address will probably get unsubscribed (but not banned).
  • Really annoying disclaimers at the bottom of all your messages. I haven't kicked anyone yet, but just try me! :)
  • Pointing out that there aren't 10 items listed here.